Towards Flourishing Individuals and Thriving Communities

Towards Flourishing Individuals and Thriving Communities


    Positive Psychology is a fast-developing approach within mainstream psychology. Since 1998, this approach has reoriented psychology to focus on well-being and happiness, in addition to psychology’s priority on dealing with psychological disorders. This has led to a plethora of literature capturing empirical studies, conceptual works, and intervention methods.

    Since 2014, Rev. Prof. Sahaya G. Selvam, has been offering Positive Psychology as a core course for Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Counselling Psychology and as an elective for MA in Counselling Psychology at Tangaza University College.

    He also organized several small workshops. Following the enthusiasm of the students of the taught courses and the participants of short workshops, a core-team evolved. This team became the founders of the Positive Psychology Association of Kenya (PPAK)

    The PPAK is a registered society under the Department of the Registrar-General of Kenya (SOC/79527, dt 24 January 2020). It was officially launched on 20 February 2020.